“Do you sell that robot thingamajig I saw cutting my neighbour’s lawn the other day?”, is one of the top questions folks ask us these days.

“Yep, we sure do,” we tell them. 

“And not just any, but the world’s bestselling robotic mower: the Husqvarna Automower®. Once we deliver and set it up (both delivery and set up are free), using it is a breeze. You can make adjustments for scheduling, cutting height, etc., via the app on your phone, or even tell Alexa to run it. Would you like to hear more specs?”

“It’s Husqvarna, and it mows so I don’t have to, right?”  


“That’s all I need to know. How much, and when can you deliver it?” is often what we hear next.

Over to you: Call 306 757 4775 or use the form below if you too would rather relax in the shade and sip lemonade with your family and friends instead of mowing the lawn.


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